Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ideas for a regenerative day

Okay, I will admit it, I over did it in October, to much much work, not enough saying no thank you.  I was in a meeting this week and a conversation was going on down the table about a project I have been involved in for years, the one thing I said "sorry, but not this year" to recently and experienced a quick shower of emotions, panic that I had missed something, neglect for not being in the loop this year, then relief when I realized that I am not on that planning committee because I asked for a year off.

I have a free weekend, I need to rest and regenerate.

1: Have no goals or things that need to be done or must be done.  Impossible, I have to unpack and do laundry - but that is a minor thing.  Hubby went out of his way to restock the larder so I don't have to do my weekend shopping runs.

2: Do what makes you feel good.  Treat yourself to the little things that you enjoy.

3: At some point I will get our of the house this weekend, I / we should go and do something we don't normally do.  Do I hear Ikea calling? Or Mt Vernon?

4: Forget time and schedules.  One of my roles on Thursday and Friday was as the time cop, getting sessions started on time and ended on time.  It is amazing that a panel of three lawyers will set there and wait for someone to come in and tell them "time to get started" - don't they know what time it is?

5:  Sleep late, take a nap, take a long shower, maybe if I am feeling really adventurous go out for a pedicure - my nails need trimming and my heels are drying out.


  1. believe it or don't, you are still recovering from MAJOR SURGERY! and the germany trip and getting married and and and...

    you ain't missing anything at work. go have that pedi, go to mt. vernon, have a snort (as spo says). and don't you DARE feel guilty!

  2. Hey, I agree with everything Anne Marie said!

  3. Indeed. Let me tell you about the virtues or sitting still and not going or doing anything.