Sunday, November 22, 2015

Get Away To The Adventures

Can a trip I have made 50 times still be an adventure?  I can remember the second time I went to Florida, I was about 14, and very-very excited. The first time I was about 3 - and I don't remember that trip.  I remember seeing oranges growing in someone's front yard, palm trees and my first view of the Gulf of Mexico (I don't think we made it to the Atlantic that trip.)  We went to Walt Disney World that trip, the Magic Kingdom had only been open for a few months.  With in a couple of years, my family was wintering in Florida, I was making the trip at least once sometimes twice a year.  I moved there and lived there for almost 20 years, then moved away.  And started going back to Florida several times a year.  It has grown routine.  Nothing that I get excited about.  I can be packed and on my way in 30 minutes or less, driving or flying and renting a car I don't need a map or GPS, I know the way.

It always surprises me when I talk to someone who is all excited about a trip to Florida.  Sometimes their first trip, sometimes their 20th, and they are all excited. Oh well. Been there, and ready to go back anytime, but not the highlight of my life.

And yet, I still find adventure.  There are things to see and do, the sights and smells of the semi tropics. Travel is always a change from the day to day routine, into a new routine, even in familiar places it is a change of landscape.  Maybe, I'll see alligators this trip.


  1. went to FL once - old people, bugs, rednecks, steamy. no thanks.

  2. I don't know how many times I've been to Florida probably only about 10 and there are still bits of it I havent seen. I like going with kids and we have friends there but it is kind of expensive from London.

    1. I have been to Europe 10 times, five times to London. Florida is 2 hours by air, 12 hours by car from home.

  3. You are a fortunate fellow to keep finding adventure.
    At this time of year, when I am counseling patients who are lugubrious about not having christmas traditions anymore , when they can't have tradition, have an adventure.

  4. I like to visit central FLA in the late winter, and go swimming in the springs (bro lives in Gainesville.)

    But now that some guy my age was recently eaten by a gator whilst swimming, I might have second thoughts...



  5. Growing up my grandfather lived in Orlando and I spent a couple weeks with him every summer. Summer is way hot in central Florida, much more so than the coast. Back in 2003 we bought some investment properties in Ft Lauderdale. I self manage the units so that takes me there about 6 times a year. While I enjoy Florida, it's nothing special. I do like going there as it is much different than here, but here is home for me now.