Friday, November 27, 2015

Ten Things

 Ten things I have done in my life.

  1. Competed in the US National Sprint Triathlon Championship race (20+ years and about 100 pounds ago.) 
  2. Finished my BA in the top 10% of my class
  3. Finished my JD in the top 10% of my class 
  4. Heard the Pope do his Sunday morning routine in St Peters Square 
  5. Attended a private party in the Gateway Arch in St Louis 
  6. Finished two half marathons 
  7. Supervised building a home for myself 
  8. Attended a tea party with the Archbishop of Canterbury
  9. Passed the bar exam 
  10. Driven over 100 miles per hour (legally.)  


  1. Pope do his routine.
    Thanks, I love a good laugh in the morning.

  2. jeepers, mr. wilson!

    but you left off GETTING MARRIED!

  3. An impressive and interesting list.
    100 mph - - legally? I'm curious.

  4. that is an impressive list.
    Do you remember what sort of tea was served?

    1. No idea, lots of it. In the Rose Garden at Christ Church College at Oxford.