Monday, November 02, 2015

Can you see me now?

Around the time I started taking pictures with a digital camera, I discovered a site called The Mirror Project , that posted reflected images - self portraits of our reflected life.  I submitted weekly for several months and most of my submissions were posted, then sadly and suddenly the site stopped updating.  I stumbled across this image that I had created for The Mirror Project and did a quick search.  Some of the archives have been recovered, but apparently the server crashed (quite literally) in 2006 and The Mirror Project came to an end.

I enjoyed the themed work.  There were guidelines, the photographer had to be visible in someway in the reflected image, as I recall only one per week, and the images had to be approved by the host of the site. You could appeal a no, but seldom did.

Does my blog reflect my life as a self portrait?


  1. interesting that sweet bear reflected in your glasses? and what beach were you visiting?

    1. It is me, reflected in sweet-bear's sunglasses. Someplace in Florida, probably Cocoa Beach or Playalinda Beach in north Brevard County.

  2. Hello to you! At first I thought someone was taking a photo of you. That close up I wasn't sure. BTW I too have been to Florida but just not that far south.