Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Putting out fires

I start off most work days with a plan for what I am going to get done, one major project or another, a research item, and article I need to finish, a report that is due - is normally the agenda of the day.  Then I look at email, and my phone rings.  One thing or another pops up, usually little meaningless fires that have to be dealt with, all to often someone's mistake that I have to apologize for and try to make right.  Somedays I spend my entire day cleaning up the little messes, putting out the little fires.

Maybe I should:

  • Not look at email until after lunch
  • Let all calls go to voice mail 
  • Put an auto response on my email that I won the lottery or was run over by a bus and to fix it yourself 
  • Get a bigger fire boat 
  • Try Gullivers method of putting out fires 


  1. I do some of this at work too; I call it "changing my co-worker's dirty diaper".

    sometimes I don't know who is worse, the customers or my co-workers. sometimes I come home and think "everyone was an annoying little shit today!"

  2. When my son was in 2nd grade we found out at a teacher conference that he told the class his father was a fireman(he's not,he's a businessman). When we asked him about this later son said, "Well, daddy is always coming home and telling you he was putting out fires again.". Moral of story is be careful what you say around little kids. lol

  3. I got the Gulliver reference and no no no to that.

    1. 25 years ago a guy I worked with walked into the bosses offices and said, "I am tired of taking your crap, have you ever seen a grown man urinate on a desk." And he did, and he quit.

  4. I told my penguin friend that you would be the one to get the Gulliver reference.