Sunday, November 29, 2015

Writing On The Road

The blog waits for no one, I try to write ahead and schedule so that I have something everyday, at the moment I am only 2 days ahead.  If something comes up, I can write and shuffle the schedule. I have been on the road for 8 nights, so I have had to write and post from on the road.   

A lot of the blog pictures are taken with my phone, I carry I nice digital camera and sometimes take two shots, so I have one on the phone.  The pictures from my phone load automatically into blogger.  Ah, that makes it easier.  

I sometimes blog on my phone, it works, but the tiny keyboard has a lot a lot of limitations.  Most often when I travel I use a Samsung Chrome Book.  A Chrome book is a very simple laptop, that runs the Chrome operating system and uses apps.  My Chrome book is an 11 inch, about three years old.  It was cheap - around $200, has good battery life, and connects easily to WiFi (it is useless without a WiFi connection.)  Most of the time, I just shut the cover and go - when I open the cover, it comes to life in seconds.  From a full shut down, it loads updates and starts in less than 20 seconds.  Because it is limited in what it does, it does it does well and runs fast.  I can print from it via google cloud print to my printer at home.  

I kind of beat the crap out of it, and it keeps going and going.  I love it. I will buy another one when this one dies. 


  1. Love the photo looks like its an astronaught shot

    1. Thanks, J took the pic in the hotel one morning - lit only by the glow of the computer.

  2. I blog from the iPad. I have yet to use an actual computer to blog.