Sunday, November 01, 2015

Corinth Canal

Periodically pictures will show up on Facebook of a very large ship in a very narrow canal, and I always think, I have been there.  It is the Corinth Canal.  several attempts were made in antiquity to cut a canal through, breaking the rocks by burning hot fires and quenching them with water, but it proved to much, 4 miles long and cut into solid stone, the canal was not finished until the late 1800's with the use of explosives.

We weren't looking for the canal, we were headed to the archeological site at Corinth. Our hosts (and a guest at our recent wedding) had a graduate student sifting for pottery fragments at Corinth that season.  We drove across a bridge, a couple of us gasped, and Kent pulled over at the tourist zone just across the bridge and we walked back onto the pedestrian ways on the bridge.

Sometimes the most amazing sights are what you pass along the way to your destination.  

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  1. solid rock there. and the ship looks dwarfed by the canal walls.