Monday, November 23, 2015

Chance Encounters

The things that people remember always surprise me.  Something I said long ago, some little thing I did, something I wrote and long ago forgot.  I have a chance encounter with people and they remember something I long ago forgot.  A dozen years ago I published a silly article about reporting outcomes arguing that it is not what you say, it is how you say it. I published it because I was angry about someone not valuing my work, someone I mt in a chance encounter, and the journal editor was desperate for a few pages to fill out the next issue. At least once a year, I run into someone who is still citing to that silly thing.

A chance encounter pushed me to write what was essentially a rant, and every year in a chance encounter someone reminds me of it, and tells me how it changed their thinking about their work.

What chance encounter will I have today that will lead to others down the road.


  1. yeah yeah, but sometimes a person just needs to have you rip them a new asshole.

    1. I am in mellowing mode, no more getting upset this year, it will all be okay, nothing is trying to kill me.

    2. I am mellow 98% of the time; but look out for that 2%!

  2. Many years ago, i had a chance encounte with a handsome post graduate
    Years later

    I married him

  3. these are adventuresome.