Thursday, November 05, 2015

Back to the Past

When I moved here, I bought a membership at Mt Vernon.  I live a 15 minute drive - a pretty drive along the Potomac from Mt Vernon, and enjoy a nice walk about on the grounds.  Over a year ago, I let the membership expire, but I am once again comfortable with the walk.  So this week I renewed.  My goal is to go at least once a month and walk the grounds, take a few pictures.  Membership also gets me invited to special events and I can cut in line anytime for tours of the house.


  1. is it true you can tour where he made the whisky?

    1. Oh, yes, that is down the road a couple of miles. The distillery is back in very limited production, I have a bottle of the rye as he produced it.

    2. oh marvelous! I hoped that was so!