Saturday, November 07, 2015

Auto Biography

Spo raised the issue of biography, should we write our life stories. Are our blogs biography?  Should anyone under the age of 70 write a biography? I probably never will, too boring, too frightening and who would want to read it?

If I did there would have to be a chapter about my growing up on the farm, a kind of a funny farm, in the middle of nowhere.  I'd have to write about the early years, airplane parts in the garage and spending most of the first grade in Phoenix.  My high school years are a real challenge - my family was wintering in Florida - I changed schools a lot.  I would need to talk professional photography, and why I didn't end up doing that for a lifetime.  Then there was the chance meeting at McDonalds that resulted in me working in the homebuilding industry for 15 years.  Then there was seduction, hiding, marriage, unhappiness, my gym bunny years, overwork, divorce, coming out and finding true love and happiness.  Then there was graduate school, in my late 30's, then a long job, then jumping to another job.  There are lots of travels, but the blog covers those.  And my little health issues this year - but who wants to read about that drivel?  I have had an interesting life, but unless Spo is looking for a cure for insomnia, I won't write about it.

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