Wednesday, November 18, 2015


G_O_A_L!!!!!!  My goal for this year was to post 365 new blog postings, an average of one per day, and blogger tells me this is posting number 365 for the year.  Oh, and there are 40-some days left in the year.  Hum, I guess I have double posted that many times.  I have only missed one day of not posting at least once per day, back in February.  Sorry!  I plan to stick with it and post once per day through the end of the year.  At the moment I am not very far ahead, so I need to keep taking pictures and thinking of something to write about.  

Should I do this again next year?   


  1. my friend blobby has met this same goal the past 7 years. why NOT you indeed!

  2. Anonymous11/18/2015

    I admire the discipline required for regular entries. If you keep posting I'll keep reading, even if I don't always have the discipline to comment.

    Congratulations on setting, reaching, then exceeding your g-o-a-lllllllllllll !!!!!!

    ~ Freckles

  3. congrats, and yes, please do!