Friday, November 13, 2015

I Need Help

As adults we are use to doing things for ourselves.  Some things we are better at than we are at others.  I am much better at cooking than I am at cleaning. There are a few things I just can't do, I need help.  Properly trimming my toe nails is one.  For a combination of reasons I don't have the flexibility to do it properly, I can hack them off to keep from pushing through my socks, but I can't get close enough for proper trim.  So I have discovered the joys of a proper pedicure.  Oh my, it is nice being taken care of.  What else can't I do?

What do you need help with?


  1. spouse and I both get pedis at a local salon; it's a nice way to pamper ourselves. I know dr. spo gets his pedi regularly. and spouse's BFF does too. nothing wrong with asking for help.

    I just had a handyman guy at the house today making some minor repairs that spouse and I cannot do/have the proper tools/don't have the knowledge or patience. it was well worth the $100.00.

  2. Trimming toenails is #1 on list of things I cannot do properly that once were easy. I just hack and rip them. Climbing on a ladder in the kitchen is the most pressing thing I need help doing.

  3. There is an area in the middle of the back (it has a proper name but it escapes me) I can not reach for a good scratch. Happily I have a scratching stick, one of my favorite tools. For efficacy it surpasses Someone by a country mile.