Friday, November 20, 2015



So, 2015 has been a busy and challenging year.  I have been running to keep up or catch up most of the year.  Every time I think I getting caught up, and other project appears, or more silly problems pop up.  

When I am super stressed, I get grumpy, when I am grumpy every bump in the road, becomes a mountain to overcome.  Things that should take five minutes to resolve, take half a day.  I have let this happen a lot over the past two weeks.  Days wasted in frustration - creating more frustration as things take longer than they should to resolve.  Recognizing that this is happening, will help me to break the silly cycle.  

I live a busy life, I frequently have several projects going on at the same time.  Like the bike above, as soon as I finish one job, I start on the next.  This bike did not become the busiest by spending all of it's time on one job, but by starting the next one without a lot of idle time between jobs.  That is how I need to work. 

I have a busy week, then I am taking a weeks' break for Thanksgiving.  I am ready for and need the break. December will see me finishing the last past due project from last summer's unexpected time off, and starting a new and exciting project, a major research project funded by a leading foundation.  18 months to gather information from 35,000 hospital docs.  


  1. ooooooooooooh, neat bikeshares! ours are blue, same style.

    3 day workweek, 2 days off for me next week.

    the new project sounds interesting.

    have a good weekend!

  2. David,
    Ah, you bring back memories of days when I worked for a major bank in Philadelphia. So much going on, the days flew by. I'm gad they're just memories now. Ironically, now that I am "retired", I am busier than ever but with things I WANT to do. You will get there too.

  3. You certainly deserve a weeks break for Thanksgiving- - - and I hope you'll have a wonderfully relaxing time.
    (I also hope "relax" is in your vocabulary)

  4. I hope you manage to completely switch off and relax during Thanksgiving.

  5. a few hospital docs is quite enough for anyone.