Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Travel Wish List

48 States - 15 Countries and many adventures left to have.  Sometimes I float in and out like sea-weed, sometimes I attach myself to the rocks.  So where is left that I want to go? What is left that I want to do?

  • Wyoming and Idaho - then I can check off having been in all 50 states.  
  • Spain and Portugal,  and a few places in Europe that need another visit.  
  • Japan - I am fascinated by the culture - terrified by the language. 
  • Hong Kong - Asia and a major world city - how fascinating and English is common. 
  • Take a flight in a hot air balloon - one of the few ways of flying that I have not experienced. 
  • A long distance train trip- as in overnight trip on a passenger train.  
  • Explore the east coast of the United states in a small boat. From the Chesapeake Bay to Florida would be great. This will take a month or more, and lots of planning.  I don't like camping, so either the boat has to be plush, or hotels need to be planned along the way. 
  • A cruise on a mega cruise ship. I have been on two cruises, one on a 700 footer, the other on a 1,000 footer, I want to spend a week on one of the floating cities.  
  • Cross the Atlantic on an ocean liner.  My grandmother did it a couple of times.  I am always open to going back to England - London feels like a second home to me.  
  • Explore Cuba -
  • Greenland - I find the north Atlantic fascinating - part of the allure is it is so difficult to get to.  It is a popular fuel stop for small aircraft crossing the Atlantic - that could be fun.  
So, not a terribly long list. Most of the places I have been, I would gladly go back to.  Not on the list - the middle east including Egypt, there is a lot there I would like to see, but I don't feel comfortable traveling there; Russia - lots to see, but not in the current political climate; Africa - I would enjoy a photo safari, but travel safety and living conditions are problematic for me unless I do one of the all inclusive luxury fly in and out packages (not my travel style.)  

So, where do you want to go and how would you like to travel? 


  1. Anonymous12/01/2015

    Funny enough, in the past when I read your bio about having been to 48 states (missing two) I was going to ask if you then felt compelled to visit those remaining, at some point, make sure you visit them "just to say you did". Some people would feel the compulsion to do so.

    As for the Middle East, my favourite place was Beirut. For some reason to me it felt like being in Italy (minus the architecture). Food was fantastic, people were friendly. Cairo I felt was exhausting (so much pollution my throat was sore in a day, constant beeping of car horns, crazy dangerous traffic) but I was fortunate enough to be visiting a "local" (not an Egyptian, my friend (Canadian) was studying there for a year at the University but she had been there long enough to know how to navigate the city so we weren't just tourists.) Dubai is just very artificial and plastic, and frankly sad. So much wealth and flash and then for those of us that didn't avert our eyes ... you see the indentured servants along the sidelines. Slavery is alive and well even in this day and age. If anybody were to ask where to go in the Middle East I would always advise Lebanon as my favourite place.

    As for where I haven't gone to but want to, believe it or not, New York City of all places. Most people have gone there but I have only flown through in transit. I did, once, take a Town Car Taxi (mistake!) from JFK to La Guardia so I guess I saw some of the city that way, but was so jet lagged I can't remember much.

    As for a journey (not specific destination) I always thought it would be interesting to cross Canada by car. Our TransCanada Highway (#1) is one continuous road from the Pacific Ocean all the way east out to the Atlantic Ocean. BC would be gorgeous as would be the western half of Alberta, best to have some good road tunes and snacks during the flat prairie of Saskatchewan!

    You've inspired me, now, to start reading through all of your old posts to the beginning to read about your previous travels!

    ~ Freckles

  2. Melborne
    Rome and the Italian East coast
    New Zealand

  3. austria - maternal grandmother's parents were from there
    australia & new zealand

    (just one problem - I refuse to fly)

  4. I would like to ride a balloon too; please come to AZ and let's do such.

  5. I want to explore Cuba as well. Hopefully soon. From experience, definitely do the transatlantic cruise, that was a truly enjoyable trip. I can personally recommend the QM2.