Sunday, December 27, 2015

Random Stuff on My Desk

Through the course of the year, things accumulate on my desks.  The desk in the office was cleaned off last week for a meeting, cleaning it off reminds me of everything I worked on for the past year.  What a year I was back and forth across the country on business a couple of times, I finished a couple of chapters, one is out in a social work textbook, the other one was an encyclopedia chapter and should be published in the first quarter.  I found my notes from frantically cancelling travel plans in May. The final plans for the big show in October where there, and notes for planning for 2016.  All cleaner, sorted and in working files or archive files.

I look around my desk at home, there are replacement parts for the drone, an adapter to plug a VGA display into an HDMI port - I have two of those now, I can buy them for $5 and hotel AV departments charge $50 a day to rent them.  There are a couple digital cameras, spare batteries, decals for the car - when I get the car cleaned so I can put them on.  A watch I changed the batteries in last winter and have only worn a couple of times, an antique pharmacy bottle with a label that reads "Poison Gift," an elf not on a shelf, a couple of chargers and power cords, a USB drive and a CD with wedding pictures.  A lock for one of the desk drawers in my office that no one had a key for, sunglasses, and a packet of biofreeze that one of the physical therapists tried on my back at one point (I didn't respond well - sweated for 20 hours.)   1,000 years from now and archaeologist could figure out my life from the stack on my desk at home.   But, I will clean it up before long, at least once a year.

What is on your desk at home?

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  1. I don't have a home desk. at work I currently have 2 piles - "file" and "current WIP". the "file" pile will be dealt with tomorrow.