Monday, December 21, 2015

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
It has been a while since my last letter, like 50 years.  I hope I have helped out a little along the years with unexpected gifts and acts of kindness.  I see that as the core of what You are all about.  It was not my intention to start to look like you, as my hair and beard start to turn white, I need to be careful about wearing red at this time of the year or I might be mistaken for you.

So why am I writing after all of these years? It has been an unusually challenging year - there are a few gifts and random acts of kindness we could all use this holiday season.

  • Please deliver a sense of belonging to something bigger to every home. The disaffected loners are getting scarey.     
  • Please deliver a little security into each home by helping those who feel insecure feel more secure.  We don't need guns, and locks, and alarm systems, we need all of our neighbors to have the be able to earn a living.  If all of the resources we pour into security were devoted to helping everyone feel secure in life, we won't need all of the guns, and locks and alarm systems.  Job skills, physical and mental health care are needed to help everyone feel more secure.  
  • Please deliver a giant box of "to have a good neighbor - be a good neighbor" to everyone this Christmas. We need to be tolerant of differences.  We seem to have forgotten that the key to  being able to live together in a civil society is to treat others well and and in return they treat us well.   
I hope this is not too much.  I promise not to wait 50-years for the next letter.  




  1. RAMEN, bro! every year I ask santa for peace on earth and an end to hunger/poverty/homelessness/homophobia/bigotry/war; I haven't gotten my wish yet, and it's getting worse out there.

  2. Anonymous12/21/2015

    Wise wishes.

    ~ Freckles

  3. oh rubbish. Go for the diamonds and jewels.