Thursday, December 24, 2015

Flying By

I a couple of weeks ago, I posted video of test crashing a drone in the living room. This was an early Christmas present to myself, Amazon had them on special one day for a super great price.  The difference between men and boys, if the price of the toys.  It had been a while since I last bought myself so much fun.

I have had four opportunities to take it outside to fly.  I have a few minutes of video, I will get around to editing some of that sometime soon.  I have learned a few things, in a wind, it only flies in the direction of the wind.  It spins at a rate faster than you want to see.  The control movements need to be very gentle.  I need lots of open space so I don't have to retrieve it from tree tops.  It is great fun, flying it, chasing it around the field.  Trying to keep it out of the brush and trees.

I also need to become a registered aircraft owner.  Starting today the FAA requires owners of drones weighing more than 250 grams to register as aircraft owners.  I tried earlier today and the online registry was not yet working.  I will receive a registration number that must be on any drone I own.  If someone commits a crime with my drone, the FAA will be able to find me, and fine me. I always thought when I owned an aircraft, it would be a bit larger.


  1. "I always thought when I owned an aircraft, it would be a bit larger." - like a zeppelin, perhaps? :)

    HAPPY YULETIDE to you and your sweet bear!

  2. I did not know one could purchase a drone. I thought the came from outer space or something.