I saw this at https://sporeflections.wordpress.com/.  It seemed a fun thing to try. Indeed there are a lot of non-sexual sensations that feel amazing. Here are mine
20 Non-Sexual Amazing Sensations

  1. Seeing a place I have dreamed about, for the first time 
  2. Stroking beaver fur (the kind with a flat tail and buck teeth.)  
  3. Warm sunshine on a cool day 
  4. The smell when you enter a room containing 5,000 pounds of beeswax 
  5. Landing on the water in a float plane 
  6. Wiggling your toes after spinal surgery 
  7. The taste of Willett Pot Still Reserve 
  8. Watching an Indy car go by at race speed 
  9. The world shaking in an earthquake 
  10. Walking into the Vatican in Rome 
  11. Gazing up into the soaring vaults of Notre Dame in Paris 
  12. The smell of sausage and bacon cooking 
  13. The sound of a big gator launching into the water 
  14. The sensation of a spacecraft launch, you can see it, hear it, feel it, smell it 
  15. The magic moment when the plane lifts off the runway and starts to climb 
  16. A slow "spin" in a single engine airplane (you never forget your first - full stall, full rudder to one side  and the plane rolls over upside down and then starts to spiral toward the ground.) 
  17. A fast downhill ride on a bike, with the wind at your back 
  18. Swimming in 85 degree ocean water 
  19. Crossing the finish line 
  20. Walking out the door on the start of a new adventure