Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thanks for A Fantastic Year!

It is the time of the year to look back at all we have done and say THANK YOU to all that have helped along the way.  I know I will forget someone - sorry!

  • J, my sweet husband who dropped everything on one phone call and came here to be with me and cared for me, traveled with me, and even married me. 
  • All of the wonderful bloggers who have been a part of my life, some of you don't know that I read your blogs every day (several that I seldom comment on) I look forward to your content, pictures and words, a glimpse into your daily life.  
  • The Doctors who saved and restored my ability to walk, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Garbor, Dr. Wiziri, Dr. Mia, Dr. Shanai, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Cook.  I wish I could remember the name of the post-grad fellow from downstate who was part of the post surgery team, the one who pulled the drains and described the tumor as "frickin huge,"  I loved his style. 
  • All of the physical and occupational therapists who got me back on my feet and moving. All of you are great, two special recognitions, the temp OT- I was her first patient on her first day on a new assignment who helped me take a shower and get dressed for the first time in 9 days - she made me human again, and the home health PT who urged me to move to outpatient instead of home care for PT, she put my needs ahead of her making money.  
  • My family - J., Mom, Dad, Karen, Gary, Dale, Lysle, Christy, Dick, Bill, Janice, Mike, Andrew, Ed, and Tim. That is kind of it, I have a small family. 
  • The small circle of friends and family who came for the wedding. Sorry we didn't invite more, we really wanted to keep it as stress free as possible. 
  • The Supreme Court, for ruling on marriage - none of us is truly free until all of us are free. 
  • My readers, commenters, lurkers - without you this would just be babbling to myself here.    
  • Jodi and the wonderful hosts in Hawaii that made that trip possible 
  • My fellow NAELA board members 
  • My colleagues and coworkers.  
  • The faceless staff in HR and compensation that make sure that I have great insurance - including a little thing called short term disability that kept me from having to worry about money while I was getting back on my feet. 
  • The funders that make my work possible - please keep it up 
  • All of the people who held a door, let me board an airplane first, helped with a bag, waited while I moved slow - thank you - I have a lot of karma to give back on that one. 


  1. MWAH! looking forward to reading more of your "babbling to yourself"!

  2. It was quite the year, wasn't it? Love you!

  3. Thank you for simply being you!

  4. what a great list; what a handsome smile.