Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Boxing Day

We made it to the day after Christmas, Boxing Day for our friends and family in the ancestral homeland.  The small talk question of the day, is what did you get for Christmas?  My big item, is a folding wagon.  It will fold up and fit in the car, unfolded it will tote large and heavy items in and out of the condo.  Living in a high rise, a folding cart or two really comes in handy. I also received a wonderful pear and chocolate chip Panatone, for those that are not familiar with a Panatone, it is an Italian holiday cake with fruit baked in it.  They are light and airy and full of flavor.  There was also a nice scented soap - the routine things in life should not be boring and I like nice soaps.  And three new ornaments to add to the collection, a sheep, a panda and a bunny.  I also received a wonderful Hawaiian print shirt from a friend in Honolulu.  And a check from my father.

With Boxing Day being on a Saturday, I hope many of you are able to enjoy the second day of the holiday.      


  1. yeah yeah yeah, but what did sweet bear get? was santa good to him?

    my grandmother used to have a folding cart to bring home the groceries; living in the city, she walked the 2 blocks to the store.

    I like a nice soap myself; the one currently in the shower is a cranberry apple, handmade by someone in louisiana. what's your fave scent?

    and I know what panatone is, but I have never tried one. I must right that wrong...

    1. A Mercedes sunshade for the windshield of the new car, (I asked the dealer about lug-nut warmers and they didn't have them,) a Hilary play set, a perpetual calendar, and a Hogwarts T-shirt to wear to University department meetings. Favorite scent - lemon verbina. Actually Caswell and Massey discontinued my fav - Persian Leather - oh how I miss it - the firm changed ownership about 10 years ago and they have gutted the lines - turning it into just another reseller of the same old same old. Trader Joes has a good Panatone at this time of the year.

  2. Replies
    1. Diamond, Ruby, or Emerald I hope.

  3. I am just viewing this post and I absolutely love your tree and décor...vey festive! I really adore those lambs. Hope your holidays were good to you.