Saturday, December 12, 2015

Office Gift Exchange

My department partners with a couple of other departments to hold the annual 8th floor holiday party.  Now we are all on the 4th floor, but we were on the 8th floor in the old building, the one we moved out of nearly three years ago..  Traditions die hard, we have been partying for 20 years.

Part of this is an odd gift exchange.  You bring a wrapped gift, frequently a funny gift, and put it in the pile.  Each participant receives a number. Numbers are then drawn out of a bowl.  As each person's number is drawn they come forward and select a gift.  The gifts are opened and shown to the crowd.  The next person whose number is drawn has a choice, they can select a wrapped gift from the pile, or steal a gift from anyone in the room.  If you gift is stolen you can select a new gift from the table or steal from one from someone else.  Gifts can be stolen 3 times.

It can be a scream.  Good gifts get moved around the room.  People sometimes beg to have a gift stolen.

So this year I am taking the book above, a nice little journal of one's dysfunctions.  Lots of demand for this in a room full of lawyers and the people who work with them.


  1. bwhahahahahaha! you put the FUN in dysFUNctional!

  2. Ironically journaling is a good way to tighten the screws.