Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Size Matters

Size matters in bank accounts, boats and certain parts of the male anatomy.  Money can't buy happiness - I tried for a couple of years one time - but it is more fun being miserable in a new car on the way to the airport to fly to Paris, then to be miserable in an old junker on your way to Mal-Mart.  Not that I am a size queen, but who wants to play with a little one?

That leaves boats, more specifically cruise ships.  My first cruise was to Alaska in the fall of 2008 on NCL.  The ship was about 1,000 feet long, big state of the art for the era.  It was great fun. In a week on the ship I never ran out of things to see and do.  Later that year we took a cruise the Bahamas on a smaller older ship. It was about 700 feet, amazing what difference 1/3 in size made.  It didn't have the selection of restaurants, shopping and entertainment of the larger ship.  Size matters in how much fun you can have with it. Since then a new generation of larger cruise ships has come out, virtual floating cities - like the one in the picture above that was in Port Canaveral last week.

Next time, I go larger.


  1. "go big or go home", as mistress maddie always says.

  2. Fortunately I've cruised on a current mega ship, Allure of the Seas. It's quite an experience. However in my years of pleasure cruises I find I prefer the 700-1000 passenger ships. They are big enough to keep me occupied yet have a closer bond with the sea than the mega ships do.

  3. Give me the ss poseidon anyday

  4. I like them not so big, cozy, fun filled and with good service - like my men.