Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Goals

So a year ago I posted the following goals:
New Year’s Resolutions for 2015
  • ·        Eat better, focus on quality and taste
  • ·        Move, remembering that it is a journey not a race
  • ·        Write more fiction, dialog or narrative
  • ·        Do something new every week, visit a new place, try new food or drink, challenge myself in a novel way.
  • ·        Not shy away from opportunities (we regret most what we did not do.)                               
How have I done?  I think I am eating better.  I haven't lost weight, but I am more aware of what I take in.  There is more work to do on this.  I do have an excuse, it has been a challenging year on the moving about front. 

I am moving better, and moving more. It is nice to feel like walking, riding, climbing stairs again.  I have started to speed up again, I find myself passing people on the sidewalk.  I am thinking about some audacious goals for 2016.  

I am writing more, I will pass 400 blog posting this year, having missed just one day of posting - back in February as I recall.  

Boy did I ever try some new things this year, some fun, some not so.  All in all it was a year full of novel experiences.  

An opportunity passed is an opportunity lost.  Hard to say how I did on this one this year.  There were a couple of jobs, I didn't apply for (probably shouldn't have,) I said no to one committee to seek a better balance.  

So what are my goals for 2016
  • I need to rebuild my strength and stamina.  I will keep walking and riding the bike, and I will get back in the gym this year. 
  • Eat more carefully - allow an indulgence - but balance it with care   
  • Continue to write in an array of ways.  A page a day in the office would finish a book in a couple of years.  
  • Blog everyday 
  • Balance work and personal time 
  • Add a personal day to work trips whenever possible 
  • Seek out variety in everyday life - the routine things in life need not be boring 
  • See some of my virtual friends in the flesh 
So what are your goals for 2016? 


  1. Happy New year old bean , hoping 2016 will be a cracker xxxxxxx

  2. Happy New Year!
    Goals? I haven't finished my list yet, but I will.

  3. Blog every day is a commendable goal. I can not do it anymore. I look forward to all your entries.