Saturday, July 08, 2017

Rental Cars

Renting cars, is a bit like prostitution, you charge someone to use it, give it a quick wash, and charge the next person to use it.  I swear some of the cars I have rented have been used for the worlds oldest profession - and I sometimes think they are pimped by the same people.  

I have paid nearly $100 a day for rental cars, and I have rented cars for less than $10 per day - on that one the taxes were more than the rental fee.  

I worry about rental cars, worry that I will mess one up.  The worst I have ever had was a rock breaking a windshield in Montana.  I have a policy with one of my credit cards that provides $0-deductible coverage on any car I rent on that card for a flat fee of $20. So I always decline the insurance.  

I learned the hard way, that the pre-paid fuel option is a bad deal, they charge you for a full tank of fuel, unless you return the car running on empty, you paid too much.  I have once returned a car without filling it.  There was a traffic backup going into one the airports in Hawaii, and we were afraid if we filled the car we would miss the check in for our flight.  The rental company was thankfully quite fair, they only charged me for 1/4 of a tank at their double the price price.

I have rented cars in France twice. France - outside of Paris, is fun and easy to drive in.  The car above I rented in Iceland.  A great way to get around, even if it was a bit expensive.  

I have learned to stick with companies I know, mostly Thrifty / Dollar  and Alamo.  I think they are all owned by the same people anymore.  I have used Enterprise a few times.  When I traveled for AARP, they had a corporate account with National - always nice cars - but seldom the best price. I have rented from Hertz, but usually their price is the highest.  

What is your tip for the best rental car deal? 


  1. Confession:
    I've never rented a car in my entire life - but if I ever did, I'd be in the 10 bucks a day category...

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