Friday, July 28, 2017

Is It Funny?

I enjoy funny T-shirts, and on occasion I buy them and wear them.  One of my favorites this year, is an image of Obama and the phrase "Miss Me Yet?"  When I wear it I draw and interesting mixed response, and yes I do miss him.  I bought J a Trophy Husband T-shirt.  A decade ago I bought T-shirts for all of my siblings for Christmas one year that read "Mom Likes Me Best" - it is a reference to a Smothers Brothers routine.  I have a picture of all four of us wearing them, with mom and dad.  

I found this one recently, and thought it was funny.  

Is it funny? 


  1. Seems a bit Trump-esque to!



  2. Its funny as long as a sibling has no hidden " issues " x

  3. It IS funny. I saw a woman last night wearing a T-shirt that read "I'm not short. I'm a Hobbit." She was about 6-feet tall. Was she being ironic?

  4. very good and funny yes

  5. Seems a bit Trump-esque to!

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  6. Yolanda Braithwaite It is, if you are a cultural Marxist. They are the ones behind all of this gender confusion. But I think it is funny. Perhaps he can buy his own ...

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