Friday, July 08, 2016

Your Face Will Freeze Like That

We have been off to visit my family, not exactly a vacation, but certainly not work.  Traveling over the 4th of July Holiday weekend, by air exposes us to amateurs, people who seldom if ever fly.  You know the kind, the ones who are surprised that THEY have to clear security at the airport.  Then they get on the plane, with mom-dad, grandma-grandpa, weird Uncle Fritz, and all 5 kids, each dragging the biggest "roll aboard" money can buy and then can't find a place for their bags, then can't find their seats.  On the connection out of Detroit to Orlando, I have never seen so many seat changes, at one point I swear they were playing musical chairs, with the looser having to go sit in the last row- in the seat backing up to the on board toilet.  It is enough to make even the strongest of us go Duhh!, just be careful your face does not freeze like that. 


  1. OMB, sweet bear's expression; looks like he's thinking "just sit the hell DOWN already and STFU!"

  2. Hilarious! Did you get his permission to post this photo? What a trooper!

    1. He just looked over my shoulder and saw it for the first time, I hope that is laughter

  3. I'm thinking of marketing a TV series, "The Cheerful Traveler"...

  4. Hilarious!! I experience a similar situation with non/professionals when wedding parties check in the hotel with "Uncle Fritz", who just does not want to be away from his Archie Bunker chair and is angry we don't have a chair just like that in his room.

  5. Dear me
    If I posted such a photo of Someone, I would need to hire you for my divorce lawyer.