Monday, July 18, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things - Jewelry Edition

I like jewelry.  I took a silversmithing class in college and really appreciate the work that goes into good jewelry.  I seldom wear it, but I do buy it, sometimes giving it as gifts, sometimes hanging onto it to I can enjoy it.  A few of my favorites.

1: Colored gemstones, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, the deeper the color the better. I know diamonds are a girls best friend, - but I like the rich colors.  I once had the opportunity to buy uncut emerald, in the encasement that it had grown in (an emerald is a crystal.)  It was really neat, the stone was split in half, and when you lifted off the top half, the emerald was sticking out of the bottom half near the middle.  The stone cutter found it so unique they declined to remove it from the encasement and cut the stone.  I should have bought it it was only $250.

2: Nice digital watches.  For 20 years I have mostly worn $50 digital timex Ironman watches.  I own several expensive watches including a Tag Heuer, but for everyday wear I find the digital easier to use.

3: Gold, I actually like yellow gold.  It passes in and out of fashion, I have seldom been a slave to fashion.

4: Bracelets, I much prefer bracelets to necklaces.  I don't know why, but I do.


  1. my birthstone is sapphire, my engagement ring is rubies and diamonds. I despise plain diamonds.

    I don't wear any jewelry at all. and I like yellow gold only.

  2. Great photo! I love rubies and diamonds together.

  3. I love jewelry too. Most of which resides in my safe. My favorite watch now is an Apple Watch. I'm surprised you don't have one.😳

  4. I hate jewelry and especially hate it on men
    It took a while for me to agree to wear a wedding ring

  5. Emeralds have always been my favorite. Beautiful picture!

  6. I have a cheap hematite ring that breaks regularly and needs replacement.