Sunday, July 03, 2016


It is Five Questions Day,

So what was the last thing to make you go?
1: Duhh?
2: Balistic?
3: Laugh out loud?
4: Cry?
5: All Sleepy?

My answers:
1: A question at the office that I should know the answer to, and didn't have a clue
2: Accounting's silliness about depositing a check at the office
3: My mother calling the dog by saying, "here kitty-kitty!"
4: Talking to my sister on the phone about caring for mom and dad
5: Watching a car auction on television - faster than baseball at putting me to sleep.


  1. 1 - blanking out on a person's name

    2 - some lousy salesman schmuck calling me a "secretary"; I handed him his balls and threw him outta my office

    3 - dr. spo's latest blog post

    4 -

    5 - a glass of good wine (no rubbish)

  2. 1: Duhh? Today, i went in for an early shift at the hospital only to be told i was rostered on night shift
    2: Ballistic.....with the Prof....over something minor
    3: Laugh out loud?watching mrs merton on tv...mrs merton was the comic creation of caroline aherne who died yesterday aged 52
    4: Cry? Remembering the somme on tv
    5: All Sleepy? After sex

  3. 1: Duhh? - I do this so many times a day it is my baseline
    2: Ballistic? I am too midwestern to do this
    3: Laugh out loud? So long ago I can't remember
    4: Cry? maybe 1992
    5: All Sleepy? most days