Thursday, July 14, 2016

Giant Wieners

One of the joys of the adventure of travel is experiencing the wonderful world of wieners.  Last year in Germany, and this year in Italy I came across a wonderful array of sausages.  When we lived in Kentucky, I use to go to Cincinnati to pick up unusual wieners at the Findlay Market.  There are long ones and short ones, skinny ones and fat ones; whites ones and red ones; some are smoked and some are raw.  I enjoy them all.  


  1. the wiener mobile!

    this video kinda fits in (reminds me of my youth); safe for work too:

  2. Oh, I love the Wiener Mobile! I've never seen it person, though. And I want that giant wiener god in the first photo for my terrace.

  3. OM wiener mobile crashed near Harrisburg, Pa., in 02/2015.

    According to reports, the wiener mobile was back on the hot dog highway in short order.

    I relish the thought of seeing that thing (no baloney!)