Monday, July 25, 2016

Let your Freak Flag Fly

I am a little weird.  I know it, a few others know it.  At times I rather enjoy it.  Most of the time we put on a public face of being "normal," of fitting in, of being one of the many, but we really are all a "one of a kind!"

I work in an office that is officially "business casual" and I stretch that as far as I can.  I dress comfortably, on the verge of sloppy.  On the surface I am business like, but what do I wear underneath it all? My socks are often patterned and bright colored.  My underwear you ask?  It has become needlessly boring, black boxer-briefs - mostly Under Armor.  I really should mix that up a little, I use to wear a wider and much more interesting array of underwear.  There is no reason for the routine things in life to be boring.  A Mahala said the other day, let your freak flag fly.

Yes, I did take the picture above, no I have never dressed like that, I certainly have never worn a fishnet bodysuit - fishnet is so uncomfortable.


  1. we too are business casual; top and pants and no undies for me.

    and I would look like a whale in THAT fishnet onesie!

    1. We are all so beautiful in our own way, don't worry about what others might think, be comfortable, be yourself.

    2. nope, sorry, I have self-respect on my side. I ain't about to look like one of those wallymart cows!

  2. David,
    I always suspected there was a little freak flag I need that button-down exterior of yours.👍😜

  3. Hi Travel, What Anne Marie said I was thinking too, An outfit you'd wear when visiting Wally world! Or I could wear it to work, guys there already think I'm not normal enough. ;-)

  4. I too prefer the oh-so-practical hardly sexy boxers. Love'em