Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This Year's Gucci Slippers

Window shopping - or as the French describe it window-licking, you see some of the wildest things in the windows of designer shops.  In this case this year's Gucci house slippers, with fur trim.  They come in several colors.  I didn't look for the price, if you have to ask, you don't want to know. 
Would you wear them? 
What would your cat or dog make of them? 


  1. HELL NO!

    the cats would probably rip the fur to shreds.

    PS to gucci - FUR IS DEAD!

  2. Sorry. I would not wear them. Our cats would pull out the feathers -- which would be the right thing to do. I'd pull off the Gucci gold and dye them a different color. But you'd never catch me paying for Gucci slippers in the first place. Absurd.

  3. I am sticking with last year's Prada.