Sunday, July 17, 2016

I want to stay here - five questions

1: In the morning do you leap out of bed to greet the opportunities of the new day, or would you prefer to pull up the covers and roll over for the day?

2: Do you look forward to leaving home for the adventure of travel, or would you prefer to stay home?

3: Do you rush to be the first person on the plane or train, or board at the last minute?

4: Do you start packing a week before a trip, or leave packing to the last minute?

5: When it is time to return home, do you wish you could stay longer and soak in more, or are you ready to head for home?

My Answers:
1: I am a leap out of bed person.
2: I love leaving home for an adventure - I have a hard time sleeping the night before
3: I like being the first one on board.
4: I pack the night before, if the trip is less than a week, I don't even think about packing until the night before.
5: As much as I love the adventure of travel, I am always ready to return home.


  1. 1. I haven't leaped out of bed since I was four. I pull the covers over my head and cower.

    2. My adventure days have just about vanished. I prefer being home most of the time.

    3. I never rush. I'd probably be near last.

    4. I start packing at least a week in advance.

    5. Once I'm away, I usually wish I could stay greatly depends on where I am.

  2. 1: I wake up VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y

    2: leaving home

    3: somewhere in the middle

    4: 2-3 days before

    5: ready to go home; I miss my pussies

  3. The beard surfaces from his post surgical bed. These are great questions for him so here goes....
    1) A leap out of bed person, even since the surgery I'm up even if I go back to bed.
    2) I love travel and love to get out and go. 1st post surgical trip will be September 7.
    3) First on board please. Thank god for platinum status and priority boarding. I want my choice of overhead space.
    4) I pack the day before usually early evening just in case I need to run an item through laundry.
    5) like you I'm always ready for my own bed and my wonderful puppies at HOME.

  4. 1: it is a mixture. How much I leap up is correlated to how well I slept the night before.

    2: this is another mixture of wanting to stay home yet long to see the world (or at least parts of it)

    3: I try to wait my turn as to not be part of the rush to get on first.

    4: Sometimes I start packing weeks ahead of time.

    5: Nowadays I find I am wanting to get home sooner than not. My attention span is shortening.