Saturday, July 09, 2016


Just to the right of the wingtip, there are 3 high rise buildings that are kind of shaped like a C.  I own a condo in the top left one, technically building 2, and actually there are four buildings, the structure at the bottom is actually two buildings very close together.  The buildings are set on 35 acres, on a hilltop, from the road out front (US-1) to the top of the hill is about 160 feet of rise.

I really like condo and in particular high rise condo living.  I am perched on the third floor.  With a little bit of a view.  I have relative privacy.  It is amazingly quiet.  Everything outside my door is taken care of, in fact the outside of my door is taken care of, every couple of years I stay home for the day so the outside of the door can be painted. If I had a housekeeper, or better yet a houseboy, it would be like living in a really nice hotel suite.  We have two pools, a private restaurant, a nice new fitness center, oh, and a private bowling alley - why a bowling alley - only the developer knows and I am sure he is dead by now- I hope he died laughing.

If you take off from Reagan National Airport in DC, going south, about 2 minutes out, just past the George Washington Masonic Memorial and the beltway, we are on top of the hill, on the west side of US-1.  I took this last Sunday morning - outbound for Florida for a few days.


  1. David,
    Very cool! I can see the advantages of condo living where everything is taken care of. My good friend Don McK. Lived in a center city Philadelphia co-op. He has concierge service. I have to say I am impressed when Pat and I visit him twice a year by renting out the guest suite. My only problem with that kind of living is the open end of the monthly HOA or condo fees. I simply cannot afford that ever increasing cost living on a fixed income as I do which is supplemented with my modest part/time front desk job at the hotel.

  2. Great shot. I always try to get a shot of our place from the air, but the plane always banks at just the wrong time. Once, however, it didn't -- but I was on the wrong side of the plane. Your location looks perfect and very convenient if you're a travel penguin.

  3. I am admittedly envious. I have to take care of everything on these two acres myself and it ain't easy.
    The good thing about a bowling alley is that it's probably empty most of the time...

  4. home! after all there is no place like it.