Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our Friends the Cows on Warm Summer Afternoons

I have never tipped a cow.  Amazing since I grew up in an area where cows outnumbered people, heck the farm across the street had more pigs than there were people living in the township.  I always had too much respect for our friends the cows to disturb their bucolic slumber by giving them a solid nudge on the hip and watching them roll over onto their backs.  Yes, I have heard how it is done, but no I never did it.  You see cows frequently sleep standing up, kind of like most office workers looking like they are seriously contemplating the acme merger at their desks, when in reality they are off in dreamland imagining life with the billion dollars they could plunder from the company if only someone would place them in charge.  I missed the class in law school on how to sleep with your eyes open, but I did make it to the one on how to look like you are the office working, when you are really out rolling down grassy slopes on warm summer afternoons.

Where does your mind wander to on warm summer afternoons?  What is your favorite way to sneak away from work, while appearing to be working? (Mine is working lunches, long two hour lunches.)


  1. the beach, a quiet knitting spot, the cats and I relaxing on the sunporch, me taking a nap.

    in a small business like my company, I can't sneak away. :(

  2. Unfortunately, in my last job they really were working lunches. And working breakfasts. And dinners. THAT sucked. Now my mind can wander wherever it wants on these warm summer afternoons.

  3. My mind wanders constantly and mostly to places no good. enough said.