Monday, July 11, 2016

Bumping Into Daily Life

As an explorer and adventurer, I travel to see people and places.  Over the years I have grown to prefer real places with real people, sorry but once you have seen the real thing, the "World Showcase at EPCOT," seems quite artificial.  One big difference between the real world and the artificial (fake) world, is the real world is filled with people living routine lives.  I like shopping with the locals and will explore local markets, even if I don't have access to a kitchen.

I also encounter people in major life events.  The picture at the top was taken a few years ago in an abbey in Normandy.  We noticed the flowers, and a small crowd gathering.  As we left the church we noticed the grave diggers preparing in the churchyard, as we were headed back to the car, the hearse arrived.  The picture at the bottom was taken a month ago in Rome, the bride was walking from the Villa Borghese to the Church at the top of the Spanish Steps.  Real people, living real lives.  


  1. as they said on mystery science theater years ago: "simulated culture like disney world". real life IS amazing!

  2. Great shots. I too love these kinds of experiences. As for "World Showcase at EPCOT," I once worked with a woman -- an extremely well-educated and highly positioned woman -- who told me she had never been to Europe and had no need to do so, because she and her husband visited EPCOT once a year and continued to have personal experiences of every part of the globe. I like your way much better.

  3. while we are all special we are more alike than not.