Saturday, July 02, 2016


We are all connected, the actions of one, impact all the others.  Like the gears in this Ferrari, if one moves, we all move, when one stops, we all stop, when one moves backwards, we all move backwards.  If we don't move together, something breaks.  

There are times when breaking, is the best option.  But even that impacts everyone else. 

If all move forward, with love, respect and honor, we can all get to spinning to the best of our ability. All that the cosmos can ask.   


  1. Unfortunately, I'm so disconnected that I continuously screw up the gears. It's fun.....

    BTW, I love the photo of the forbidden dome in your previous post.

  2. It is a scary notion: everything we do is connected to everything else, down to the smallest indifference and the tiniest act of good will.

  3. The Theory of Relativity well explained!