Saturday, July 23, 2016

Images from the past

My photography went entirely digital 12 years ago.  I have thousands and thousands of images stored on my computer.  An archive of my adventures, a record of my life. The image above is a fresco in Rome painted about 1,600 years ago.  It is an archive of the time, a record of the lives of the people that lived then.  It is also very easy to see.  I wonder of 1,600 years ago, anyone will be able to view my images from the past.


  1. what are you going to do with all those photos?

  2. Blog! I can set at my desk for hours with a slide show running, all of images I have captured of places I have been and things I have experienced.

  3. The fact that this art survives amazes me. Great photo!

  4. Anonymous7/23/2016

    I hope so!