Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday Ramble - Things That Piss Me Off

  1. People who borrow books and don't return them.  I just  replaced one of the best books I have read in the past 10 years.  I was provided with an e-book version to do a review, and bought a hardcover edition for my permanent collection because the book was that good.  I loaned it to a friend back in October who has since moved on, without returning it. I give away a lot of books, when I loan one I want it back. To make matters worse the offender was talking about what a great book it was, and how he was going to keep it. 
  2. People who drive aggressively.  Some jerk in a Range Rover came up behind me one morning recently flashing his headlights, I was driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit and there was NO PLACE for me to go.  I slowed down.  
  3. Businesses that don't answer the questions in my email, and close the email with "let me know if you have any questions." Yes, where can I find a helpful appliance dealer? (And we did find someone else.) 
  4. People who never finish anything before the deadline.
  5. People who when they need something from me it is always urgent and "on deadline," but when I need something from them, there is no response. 
  6. YouTubers who brag about "Vanlife" then complain about how hard it is.  Yes, being homeless is hard, people who live in their cars / vans are homeless, what did they expect. 
  7. Clickbait, on FB, or News Sites, a leading headline and then are pages and pages of advertising without ever talking about what the headline promised. 
  8. People who never seem to look up from their phones.  We survived for eons with being have smartphones glued to our hands. 


  1. Let's review:

    Five of the eight items on your list start with "people."

    One is "businesses," but as we learned during the Bush years, corporations are people, too. So that's six of eight.

    Another one is YouTubers. Arguably, they are also people (except for the cats). Seven of eight.

    Finally, clickbait. Not people, but made by them.

    So, that's eight of eight.

    Conclusion: What really pisses you off are... people.

    1. They do all have that element in common, seldom cats, or dogs, or sheep, or penguins, or flighted fowl.

  2. Anonymous5/12/2022

    1. The book one is terrible. Moving on means you can't make your displeasure known.

    2. Driving as you have described tends to amuse me more than anything.

    3.. Yep on businesses that don't answer your questions.

    4. No real opinion but at least whatever was by the deadline.

    5. I can only liken this one to replies to invitations after I have clearly told them they need to give an answer so I can make a booking.

    6. I agree with you, but I've only ever followed two van life YouTubers and they didn't complain.

    7. What I hate more than clickbait is me falling for it.

    8. It is a fine line with phones. You do need to be seen to be paying attention and not preoccupied with your phone.

  3. I agree with all of these, and I'll add not being able to comment from my phone on Blogger blogs.

    1. I have had times when I couldn't comment on my own blog, I don't use the phone for that much

  4. I agree, you got a good list. My top three are 1- road raggers, 2- Ads and commercials, 3-Also, the friends who don't return things. I finally asked a friend of mine to return my Auntie Mame movie after they had it for four years!

    1. four years, is adverse possession in some states.

  5. I agree with all of these, especially #2. We have a lot of aggressive drivers in this area.

    1. I have had a couple of days of the worlds most polite drivers