Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Way We Were Wednesday - Wild West in the Midwest

One of the images in this series appeared on my first postcard job.  In my teens I did photographs for postcards for a couple of years.  This was taken at a campground near the farm in Michigan.  A farmer up the road hated winters, and spent them in the desert southwest.  He also disliked farming, and built a lake, and a campground, and an 18 hole golf course on the family farm.  There was more money to made for less work, providing summer entertainment than there was in farming.  To entertain at the campground, he built a wild-west set, and got a few family members and friends to stage gunfights (with blanks.) 

The owner saw the prints and fell in love with the idea of a postcards.  I found a printer, struggled with color balance, a problem ultimately the printer resolved wonderfully.  As I recall I made about $100 on the job, in 1975.  I have a framed copy of the postcard on my office wall.  


  1. What fun and so great to have. I’m sure you invested that windfall wisely.

  2. You little go-getter! That showed a lot of initiative on your part!

    1. It was harder to sell then I thought it would be