Saturday, May 28, 2016


It is Indy weekend.  The Indianapolis 500 was one of the first races that captured my imagination.  I like open wheel racing, Indy car, F-1, and others.  I love bicycle racing - some day I am going to watch a stage of the Tour de France thunder by (I am missing the finish of the Giro d'Italia by a few days this year.)  I enjoy horse racing.  All of these have something in common, they are pure, honest, built from the ground up to be fast, the audience is intelligent - maybe even cultured.

I loath NASCAR - the fakery of calling the cars a Chevy or Toyota or Ford drives me nuts, the current cars have nothing to do with production cars other than a general silhouette.  Silly redneck racing.  

I have been to Indy twice for qualifying and practice sessions.  There is something magic about a car zooming by at 200+ miles per hour.  Go for it!


  1. NASCAR = redneck racist hillbilly knuckle-dragging rump-voting homophobic murikkka-first freaks. like my boss.

  2. I've never liked car racing probably because I grew up near Martinsville VA and nascar.