Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sweet Bear!

Bears!  I like bears, four legged and two legged. Big, warm, fuzzy bears. Wouldn't our lives be different if we could keep bears like people keep cats and dogs?  I can just imagine the bear walking area on the condo grounds.  Talk about a great guard animal!

I have seen black-bears in the wild a few times.  The next time I go to Alaska I want to see grizzly or brown-bears in the wild.


  1. a bear would certainly keep you warm in winter. I like the two-foot variety myself (wink wink).

  2. I love bears David! Four legged and two legged. However, the only bears I've seen in person are the one in captivity at the Great Smoky National Park. Whoops! I now remember, I did see one in the wild. A black bear. Scared me to death because we were warned that her cubs might be nearby. I'll have to post that video. So many videos to post, so little time.

  3. Bears are quite ubiquitous on Alaska. They are worth the trip.