Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day Five Questions

It's Sunday, so here are five questions and answers!

1: What year was your mother born?  1927, both of my parents were born in 1927.

2:  What secret do you know about your mother, that you are willing to reveal?  She sent money to her adult kids, against my father's wishes, I drove her to post office a couple of times to do this.

3: Who was the disciplinarian, Mom or Dad?  Mom,

4: What was her life like growing up?  She spent summers on a farm, and a lot of winters - off season from farming - in Detroit where her father would work running a dragline or shovel.  When she was a teenager, her family drove to California and back with a travel trailer.

5: What was the bravest thing she ever did?  Shortly after finishing high school, she left home and went to live with an Aunt in Detroit.  Her father didn't think she should work, just find a husband to take care of her, and she wanted a life.


  1. 1. 1934 in the midst of the Depression. I still have one of her ration books.
    2. She married in June of 1951 andd my oldest brother was born in December of 1951. You do the math. lolz
    3. Dad
    4. She was born in a log cabin her father built on a piece of land her mother's parents gave them(off their farm in rural South Central VA)when they married and lived there until she was 5. Her parents borrowed a few dollars from family so they could move to Norfolk, VA so my grandfather could find work in the shipyards. Being an only child, even though her parents had little, she was doted on. She spent Summers back in rural VA with her large extended family.
    5. Like many women of that era she went the marry and have kids route before finishing high school. She did go back and get her GED after having my brothers. She didn't get brave until after her and dad divorced. Then she made a new life for herself and doted on her grandkids. She wasn't perfect but I still miss her.

  2. 1: 1932

    2: she was an enabler for my abusive sperm donor

    3: the sperm donor

    4: she was the middle kid of 3; she grew up in the city, never went beyond high school, worked only until she married the sperm donor

    5: moved to the philly burbs; her parents said "it's so far, like moving to california"

  3. 1. 1932, in Cleveland, OH.

    2. Hit my stepfather on the head with a bourbon bottle, after he became a little too bossy. She taught him quick.

    3. Mom

    4. Youngest of 3, of a single, alcoholic mother. Spent lots of time with her aunt and uncle in Charleston, WV.

    5. Raised 5 kids after my Dad died.