Saturday, May 21, 2016

Can you interpret my dream?

I woke up one morning recently from a very vivid dream.  I don't often remember details of my dreams, but I woke from this one and it was vivid and maybe kind of funny.  Maybe you can offer me some hints on what it means.

I was arguing with a squirrel.  A common north-american brown squirrel, about 8 or 9 inches tall.  I don't know what the argument was about or what language it was in, I was previously unaware that I could communicate with squirrels.  We were on opposite sides of a tire barrier, and the squirrel kept catching on fire.  When he caught fire he would dance around, I would rush around the barrier and by the time I got there to help, he would have the fire out. First his tale, then he paws, he just kept catching on fire.  At one point he shot arrows at me and I decided that I should put my points in writing and I sent him a note.  He didn't read it, he burned it and in the process caught his paw on fire again. I woke up about that point.

What is this symbolic of in my life?


  1. that the drugs you take are too strong? ;-b

  2. David,
    Now THAT is a weird dream. Sorry but I cannot interpret this dream for you. My friend Pat likes to interpret dreams, I'll ask him. Lately I too have had some intense dreams that I can remember and like you, I usually don't remember my dreams, only the intensity of them. Maybe something big is going to happen?

  3. Sorry I only do encores for cash.

  4. (Squirrels) (Fire)