Friday, May 06, 2016

How to Know when it is time for a vacation

I love to travel,  - how many times can I start a blog entry with that phrase?  It reminds me of a blogger who often opened with "Guido and I were in bed the other night."  I do like getting out and seeing the world.  Most of my travel is work, I have a grueling work trip coming up soon, 6,000 miles, two cities, in four days - I will spend as many hours flying as I will in meetings - and I also get to spend a couple of nights in one of the finest hotels in the world - I will talk about that later.  I also have all of the plans in place for a nice vacation, airline tickets, hotel reservations, and train tickets have been booked for a couple of weeks in Italy - a vacation for me - and boy do I need it. How do I know I need it?

Little things get me angry - my patience with idiots is nearing an all time low - it is time for a break.

I can't remember the last time I relaxed and forgot about work - it is time to get away.

I am bored with my surroundings - I don't always look up to take in the wonders around me.

I am missing details in the familiar - when did the guy in office next to me become Chief Revenue Officer?

I need inspiration to spark my creativity - travel always does this for me - a vacation really feeds my soul.

So, it is time for me to double check the passport, dig out my stash of Euros, pack a bag, charge the camera batteries, load a couple of good books on the kindle and head for the airport.  My advice to a friend the other day, don't wait until you can to travel, travel while you can. I have worked with a lot of people near the end of life, they have a lot more regrets about what they put off doing and never got to do, than they do about what they have done.


  1. I want to feel that blast of hot dry air you get when you leave the aircraft for the first time

  2. be off wit yo bad self! the hotel has me intrigued...

  3. Anonymous5/06/2016

    I noticed that you've been writing your blog for over 10 years. Wow!! Out of curiosity I decided to look up your entry from a full decade ago (give or take a day). Interestingly your entry from May 7, 2006 extols the virtues of travel! So I'm glad you're taking your own advice to go on a trip (for pleasure, not work).

    ~ Freckles

  4. I need to take tips and advice from you on getting over my traveling angst.