Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Anniversary

May 15, 2015

A year ago today, I was in surgery, I won't rehash the details, if you want to read about it go back to May and June of 2015 and reread the blog.  

I do have a special request on what for me is now a very very lucky day (never thought I would feel that way about the 13th of the month.)  

If you just don't feel right, go see a good doctor.  Man-up, make the time, spend the money and find out what is really happening. Just do it. 

You see, I knew for a long time before I finally went to see a doctor that "something" wasn't right.  But I put it off, I had lots of excuses, I didn't have a regular doctor, I was busy, I didn't want to spend the money for the co-pays and deductible,  the excuses could go on for pages.  I almost waited to long. A few more days, weeks, months at most and my outcome would have been very different.  I tested the limits of the skills of the best Doctors - because I almost waited too long.  Please don't do that. Pick up the phone and call, go see someone today, or tomorrow, but soon.  If you put it off, you may be too late.  

If you are lucky, they will tell you it is normal and nothing to worry about, if you are VERY VERY LUCKY, they will say, "we caught this just in time."  


  1. I am so thankful that you finally went :)

  2. RAMEN, bro! you can see the difference in your face. and NOW look at you - biking and swimming and walking, married, working, traveling. happy anniversary, the start of your second lifeline!

    (6-21-89: when I began my own second lifeline)

  3. Love you, my sweet little rebuilt bunny!

  4. So happy you're back on your feet! Let's not have another scare like that again, okay?

  5. So glad you're doing well now!

    I, myself, am recovering from a herniated cervical disk that has been plaguing me since 4/22/15, and *VERY* acutely since 12/20/15 or so...using home traction, some yoga positions (prone cobra), and some Olympic weight lifting moves (overhead squats, unweighted) to increase mobility and ROM in my thoracic spine...I've avoided the knife!!! (so far...)

    The human body is amazing...I feel blessed to be able to recover as much as I have.

    Peace, out!



    1. Oh, and I met an *amazing* surgeon who set me on the right path!

  6. Happy year day! I hope the next year is even better.