Sunday, May 01, 2016

How Old?

Temple of Egina Greece  

I realized the United States didn't have a lot of age, when I was reading the description of a sculpture in the Vatican Museum, and the last line said that it had been in that location since 1776, that chunk of marble had not been moved in as long as we have been a country.  So what is old?  I get frustrated when "historic conservationists" confuse old with historic.  Most things that are old, are not historic, some things that are not old are historic - now don't fall prey to the fallacy of the undistributed middle.

So this weeks five questions are about old?

1:  How old was the oldest person you ever met?  101 - I was her court appointed lawyer and she told me it was all going to be okay and I should go home now.  That was her answer to every question.

2:   How far back has your family tree been traced?  The Mayflower on my paternal grandfather's side.

3:  What is the oldest building you have ever been in?  Hard to say, a bunch of 2,000-2,500 year old stuff in Greece and Italy.  I liked the temple above and you would walk around inside it.  I broke out in a rash from some weed growing around it.  I went into a pharmacy in Athens the next day, the pharmacist took one look at my leg and said, "you have been Egina, I have just the thing for that."

4:  If you could reset the clock to any age, what age would you be?  I like the age I am.

5: How old do you want to live to?  My only wish is to die while I am living, instead of living when I am dead.  I see too many people hang on far past their expiration date.  I'd sooner go out swinging than fade away by the day.


  1. 1: my maternal grandparents lived into their early 90s

    2: not done

    3: notre dame in paris, westminster abbey in london, the vatican, the coliseum in rome

    4: my 40s

    5: 100, going out screaming "what a hell of a ride!"

  2. 1: My maternal grandfather's sister(great aunt)lived to be 96.5 years and her husband(who is also my 3rd cousin)lived to be 101 and 15 days. One of my mother's best friend's mother lived to be 100(and she use to be my babysitter when I was little).
    1:Oh heck, while I can only go back 4 generations or so on my paternal side, my maternal line goes waaaay back into English royalty(Plantagenet), William the Conqueror is my 28x GG and Henry VIII(that bad boy)is my 3rd cousin to name a couple. This WtheC line has been traced back to Rollon the Viking and 1st ruler of Normandy so yes my DNA is partly French and Scandinavian if you dig far enough back into my English roots.
    3:Haven't been anywhere really old ye(like Europe or Asia)so I'd have to say Jamestown Church(1640's),Beacon's Castle(1665) and the Wren Bldg. at William & Mary (1695). Not the oldest in the US but pretty darn old for still standing in America. lolz
    4:What's the point? All ages in life present difficulties.
    5:When I am only existing and no longer living. BIG difference that.

  3. 1.I have a patient now who is 102. Can you imagine?
    2. back to 800s, Norman/Viking stock from Normandy. They were well over four feet.
    3. Depending how you define building, that would be the Downs in England, dating some thousands of year BC.
    4. I think I may go back to 42 but not without my wisdom. If that has to go, I will stay put.
    5. I will settle for 80. taking the "Harold and Maude' approach.

  4. Oh! I found this today -

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