Thursday, May 19, 2016

Memory Triggers

This stone structure is on South Mountain in Phoenix.  This picture was taken in 2010, it could have just as easily been taken in 1965 the first time I saw it.  The image triggers old memories, memories from when I was in the first grade.  Warm, comfortable, relaxed memories.

When I moved into my office, I remarked to the boss that I would bring in all of the framed diplomas and licenses and put them up. He said to me, put up things that make you comfortable, that make you want to be here. I did.  At first it was travel photos and a couple of posters for important projects I have been involved with.  When we moved to new office space, I put up art that I like, that brings color and brightness to my office.  Images trigger memories and feelings for me.  I have learned the value of surrounding myself with images that make me feel good.

Interesting trip in 2010, J went with me to a conference in Phoenix.  I rented a car, we stayed over and toured the city, drove up to the Grand Canyon.  I have very few pictures from that trip, about six months later my hard drive crashed, with no back-up.


  1. now if you return to phoenix, you can meet up with spo and someone!

  2. Anne Marie is talking sense as always.