Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Big Show

So I have been waiting for weeks for a notice to be posted for bidding for funding for my work, I work on "soft" money, funding from outside sources.  Technically the funding is available to other bidders, but the eligibility and experience criteria make it very difficult for an outsider to qualify.

The announcement was finally posted today.  Proposals are due in four weeks, I am planning to be out of town for two of those four weeks, so I see some work on the road and lots of long days when I am in the office.  Not the best of timing, but it is for the big show.  Assuming we are successful it is a five year funding cycle.  In nearly 20 years on soft money, I have never had more than 3 years of secured funding.  Five years is a really big opportunity.   Wish me luck and lots and lots of long days in the next month.


  1. but but but WHERE is this outdoor concert stage located?

    1. Grant Park in Chicago, near the bean

    2. ah, merci, mon ami! it's been 20 years since I last visited chi-town...

  2. Lots n Lots of Luck!