Friday, April 01, 2016

Maybe it is time to Vote for Trump!

Donald says whatever comes into his mind at the moment.  The Tea Party and hard core Republicans hate him, if they are opposed to him, he must be in favor of things I approve of.  Mitch, Ted, Little Marco are the party of opposition, whatever they are opposed to, I am probably in favor of, so if they oppose Trump, he must be the next best thing.

I think the Donald as President would be hilarious to watch.  He has no clue what he is getting himself into.  Being chief executive of a government is much different than being CEO of a company.  He would be shocked at how few people he could say "your fired" to - I better be careful he may have trademarked that phrase.  He hates lawyer, but buys them by the dozen and keeps them busy.  Anyone who pays that many lawyers can't be all bad, can he?  I suspect after six-months he will be bored, try to covert the Washington Monument into condos, and take Air-Force-One skywriting.  Just think of the quality golf courses he could build in Yellowstone.

He is sexist, racist, and bigoted.  He is so politically incorrect - it would really change this town.

Just this week he proved that he can change his position on an important issue, in the same day.  In the morning he insisted that a woman who had an abortion in a category that was illegal had broken the law and MUST BE PUNISHED.  In the afternoon, he tweeted that the woman was a victim and wouldn't be prosecuted (I worry that he has no clue that people don't like being classified as victims.)

Now don't worry, I am about as likely to vote for the Donald as I am to go skydiving.  Yes I took the picture above, and yes I will probably vote for her again.   April Fools!


  1. Anonymous4/01/2016

    I know very little about politics, but as an outsider looking in my thoughts on the state of America at the moment is a generalization and not limited to the election: "United you will stand, divided you will fall".

    ~ Freckles

    (same applies to my country, and all others as well)