Sunday, April 10, 2016

Election Questions

What do we really know about one another, we read each other's blogs, but there is more to each of us than our blog content.  So this year I am going to try to create a meme, or list of questions of the week. If you like the questions, feel free to copy and paste the questions onto your blog, and please link back to  Let me know in the comments how to find your blog and your answers. 

1: Who did you vote for in your first Presidential Election? 
   Gerald Ford, the only person who was ever president without every being elected as President or        Vice President - and he lost the election. 

2: Have you ever missed and election and regretted it? 
     Yes, a governors election in Florida 

3:  Have you ever put a sign for a political candidate up at your home? 

4: Every worked as an elections or poll worker? 
       Yes, in Kentucky for about 4 years 

5: Ever voted for the lesser of two idiots? 
       Yes, another Florida governors election - what is it about Florida politics 


  1. 1: george mcgovern, 1972

    2: no

    3: yes

    4: no

    5: yes, all the time

  2. 1) Ronald Reagan 1984 (I was a homocon till the 1992 election of Bill)
    2) Haven't missed one yet
    3) Yes
    4) No
    5) Seems like every time San Diego has a Mayoral election